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Vloed 01:37 (Bandcamp 2018)

   Groovy Pop-tunes feeling like a cool jazzy thing in your ears may causing likeness to touch the London’s release recording features the vocals of beautiful Emma Barney as well as the band unit drummer Callum Green, bassist Phillip van den Brandeler, guitar player Mikayl Dawood to keyboard player Tomasz Bura and Drew Wynen on guitars bringing all their songs of six tracks a little bit tight as the Funk and Neo-Soul plus Rn’B mixture serving well cold here for the beer-timing or hang-out relaxed over the tasty metallic clouds sky and Tide EP exploring. 

   One minute and fifty one second over My Way, Alone goes toward 03:33 and even Eb that closely, shortened into only fifty-nine seconds can causing the listeners a dense of total musical mastering high quality knowing for the Pocket Dragon’s sophomore treasure this album has. 

   You would searching for more and more since then, as the group might still having some other reliance recordings and singles to share there after January ends and the next month follows but good music fusion stays in your loving collection. 

Tide ep: