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Viols Desinvoltes (Tenacity Music 2014)

   Deranged to the influential sounds taken from the likes for hellish heat metallic tunes off Suicide Silence, Samael, Caliban to The Black Dahlia Murder and Children of Bodom really casts the shore of Geneva Lake (Switzerland) attention to spawning this Metal-Core/Death Metal unit formation Voice Of Ruin committed to their passion to blasting your stereo system just like Sepultura or Fleshgod Apocalypse did before them. For Randy the voice, Nico and Darryl on the six-strings shedder to Edwin on bass and Dario behind the drums – the fans of Lamb of God might also collecting the explosive acts goes on and on erupts via the band’s debut recording called Morning Wood as the thick paganism led basic themes shown exactly blended to thus metal-brutal high tension crusher music arrangements.

   These Nyon team exacts bold brutality bursting wider towards the effective worship for the mythical beast and the female whores loving it as forever may burnt as offerings to your fanatic metal ears of the underground phase through Day of Rage, The Rise of Nothing, Party hard, Today Will End as well as Sex For Free and Big Dick tumbling the harsh meaning meant to be broken the chain of conservative minds and social values of the monotheist hypocrites causing to the pagan world long time ago to modernity bullshit lame foundation that must be destroyed again.

Morning Wood: