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Viltvodle Talk (Hollywood Records 2005)

   When Arthur Dent discovering that his house is on the verge of demolishing for bypass using bulldozers as dolphins saying thanks for all the fish before jumps out the ocean and fly leaving planet earth as a friend of Arthur admitting the fact that he’s an alien of Betelgeuse as a journalist worked for Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – the universal book or radio comedy series or even a movie like this one. 
Race Vogon will destroying earth under the signature of the silly galaxy president cousin Zaphod Beeblebrox whose stealing ship of Vogon off the airlock with the crew of weirdy paranoid android Marvin, cute earth female Trillian McMillan and the process on seeking legendary planet Magrathea really adventurous but clinically, depressing to watch. 
   Ultimate question of life, the visiting of cult-leader and sneeze worshipers Humma Kavula; Deep Thought’s point-of-view gun and thus bureaucracy in vogon planet including the slapping face swarm to the long lines of queue as Trillian found out about how Zaphod signed the authorization to destroying earth as a tricky request for autograph should be laughable. 
The good original soundtrack for the music compositions created by Joby Talbot leans to our sci-fi successor to th relating tales around Star Wars or universe relationships along the ambient/Jazz-electro/Soul-Funk or Pop rhythm n blues instrumentals and vocalized tracks written for it like Shoo-Rah! Shoo-Rah! (Betty Wright), Al Green going to sing in outer space via Here I Am (Come and Take Me), Jody Talbot’s miraculous song-writings through Huma’s Hymn (with Gabriel Couch), Vogon Poetry, Tea in Space, The Whale, Planet Factory Floor, Shootout, Earth Mark II or even Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster seems to be an odd addition to this British movie in search of the real portal to sneak in the legendary planet that thermo-nukes their ship for prohibits Martin Freeman, Sam Rockwell and Zooey Deschanel being captured, almost executed and more adventure trip to meet Slartibartfast for the tour on factory construction floor for planet-orders secretly, told us about how mice controls the beginning and the future of mankind existence as their experiment-lab. 
   Vogons fighting and survival instincts led the heart of gold crew to use the gun and disable the enemies to be taken custody; with Arthur and Trillian decided to exploring the rest of the galaxies and visit the end of the universe restaurant.