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Vigil Distill (Not On Label 2012)

   Hard Rock based band with the touch of Progressive Modern Grunge collides as melodies checked on integrity high visions as official sounds going to reminds you for powerful souls appeal from the performance works fine and head-banging type deliveries from A Perfect Circle, Breaking Benjamin or 10 Years fans as the mixtures Progressive Hard Rock written and arranged by Jonathan Schweiger on lead vocals, Michael Joseph on guitars, Joe Alba the bass/backing vocals ontoDave Perry on drums hailed themselves far from Milwaukee, WI as dare to smashing the common standard rock-tunes in such intense moves to heaviness match and heard entirely, not just for the radio consumptions but as well featuring thus reality shows of the television channels alike Discovery, Anthony Bourdain, Ion TV to American Chopper as processing their relating emotions carried out the WWE intros and such signed these rockers closer to getting their fame shines too brighter but perhaps thus kaleidoscopic melodies and mellow force states that commercialism and glam offers something that the band cannot avoid since the creativity process turning complex but the hopeful music from Modern Echo stays hitting the rocks as Spirit In The Machine album carries the anthemic tracks which portraying the essential spirituals, struggles, hope and pray to those mistakes and redemptions among the incapacity mankind’s ideas proclaiming The Chosen, Twnetieth Lung, Finding A Way, Light Your Eyes, Sleepwalker onto Here We Stand or Flatlined. Smashing the opponents but never hated them for trying to change is the beginning of things gold as promised like When I Was Young sang to you.

Spirit In The Machine: