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Varun Spendarmad (Iron Bonehead 2018)

   Taken from Avestan word affiliated - Dakhma is the tower of silence but mostly, Helvetic underground committee neologism in meaning circular raises as structure used by Zoroastrian in exposure the dead beings such as scavenging birds purportedly, for excarnation pejorative rituals constructed significant by any kinds here delivers the led Kerberos signs of Atmospheric riff heavies, Black/Death Metal chants of misery and mysterious walls of ambience power crushing forward the monotheist religious freaks today by the blasting past knowledge over the ancient gods figure on Hamkar Atonement within the bursts on bestial hysteric idioms and immense unorthodox begets rebirth-ing as frightening results for vibrational hypnosis or possession caught into the essence of The Glorious Fall of Ohrmazd (Hail Death, Triumphant) for 11:08, Gannag Menog (Foul Death, Triumphant) in 10:33 as well as Naghait (Born of Fire) for over 10:57 long by drumming loudest and growling voices menacing to be avoidable by mankind’s senses raising fear listening to the spells of the transcending corrosive extreme music beings …  

Hamkar Atonement: