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Up Fuck (Verdugo Discos 2016)

   Los Angeles branding old to new of non-polished American Punk Rock roaming the underground club, tunnel towns and the streets as protesting the surroundings and themselves as screaming aloud and fast music bashing your ears and ear-rings as well with the led cohorts by Abraham Garcia and Gaby (former Tubercolosis,Sadicos, The Dark, Asko etc) coming frontal via their debut mini recording with the wiser questioning title – Where Do We Go ? that blasting real reality Punk Rock formats like It’s Not Right or Alone with monotonous, short durations and simple/raw and angry music/lyrics that might making your day changed to worst from worse. 

   As the cover artworks telling the same meaningless populations turning to nations turning to politicians and turning powerful and rich; Strangers (the band) seems to already experiencing their own poverty and un-wealthy conditions same like millions of homeless and the unfortunate or hopeless personalities living in the street of America and died there as well unnoticed ! 

Where Do We Go: