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Tromaville Charlie (Subterfuge/Toxic 1995)

   Starring for two movies but the fact is this Spanish band is build to rocking their Punk-Pop music for many audience internationally, as Silvia Superstar led her group members of male: Billy King, Doctor Muerte and Godzilla successful into ignites the recording album writings as hailed off - Vigo, Galicia releasing this debut (KISS related favorites) for Dressed To Kiss as The Killer Barbies turning themselves as a dolly features contributing the fanatic KISS-band fans themselves as cute female vocals and simply commercial Rock n’ Roll tunes like You’re a Liar, Kissing Cousins, Will You Love Me Tomorrow ?, Comic Books, Silly Thing or Elvis Live! tormenting the non-glamour person listening to this connecting sounds of seminal underground and mainstreamed Pop-Rock celebration on circus hedonist choice. 

   Paints the beauty dolls of your sisters alike thus bizarre rock n’ roll infamous band that keep it simple stupidity in the making and saying hurrah for punk-Rock rejoice damage incorporated there.

Dressed To Kiss: