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Tough Elastic (Treibender Teppich 2018)

   Lo-Fi tunes reminders of Bowie-esque for Paul Abbrecht’s Albumdid in germany hometown somewhere you would know for sure realized that the music sounded totally, good and relaxing to hear through the grapevines and the green trees or even autumn season for the end of the year as Psychedelic Pop and Alternative Rock in Synth popularized by this recording did pretty much well artistic off Sloe Paul catalogs. 

   The Electronic Funk/Soul and Pop mastered by Moritz Illner or mixed by Max Rieger means one should have no permission or permit to turn on their television while alone watching the other fictitious figure of themselves talking to communicates from the other dimension as like that man seeing right now then; while the tunes chosen to the lists like Movies, Long Time, Super Sick S/O, Me and Laptop are Zulu Computer as well as This Boy, Voyage and Hung painting the inner small world of your bed room quietly, personal to yourself explicit imaginations colliding altogether for some reasons good enough to living a pleasure life into slower tunes jazzy comforts. 

Paul Abbrecht's Album: