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Touch Down (Island Records 2017)

   All new casts of fresher version to this once a legendary famous television series about the activities of the beach-side guards of boys and girls attractively, shall making your eyes bigger not just for seeing the Californian women’s ass walking and water playing  produced back to let newer generations knowing more for Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson), Zac Efron as Matt Brody as well as the girls in tight red bikini making guys not to blinks – Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach with the special appearances by the mentor played by David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson as the wiser CJ Parker to the foxy Priyanka Chopra as the business-woman with the hideous plan on selling Flakka drugs worldwide started from the Emerald Bay – Florida but getting in her way by the troops of Baywatch-ers with those funny scenes where the new recruitments such as Ronnie Greenbaum must battling his chubby body to finishing the prospective tests for lifeguards applies under the superior Captain Thorpe as a small Flakka pouch found or the moment where Mitch competes with the Olympiad gold medals champion Brody completely wiping him out and then, later he went back promising for stop being snotty and joining the force as well. 
Private yacht catches fire resulting the deceased councilman Rodriguez; disapproved further investigations makes suspicious as well as the clue that leads to the team sniffing how Ms. Leeds the sexy hot Colombian compound and club owner running her drugs factory and illegal inside her place as the infiltrating mission by quite sometimes turn out to be successful until the private party on the sea giving Brody unlucky moment for being caught, become a bait and being drowned but as Mitch appears to the rescue his team from the bad business woman and corrupted police while Ronnie and C.J lighten fireworks to blocking the escape helicopter from landing or take-off and as Ellerbee and the police departments back-up arrived things getting better as apologize accepted and the henchmen, Ms. Leeds and the rest of the bad operations put behind bars as Brody punches Thrope hard. 
   Personally, this movie didn’t really giving too much renewing stories but at least, what’s left behind as memories when Pamela Anderson still looking awesome or how infamous and charming David Hasselhoff still is and the new casts with their own good looking and different times as background fits for the good summer movie selections as well as the V.A Baywatch (Music From The Motion Picture) soundtrack itself filling in by Sean Paul and Dua Lipa for No Lie, Vince Staples brought us BagBak, Run The Jewels’ Legend Has It, STS X RJD2 spreading fun hot day drinking beach-days within  Doin’ It Right, the classics number like Say you Say Me (Lionel Richie) or the rough pushing ofthe crowds to dance crazier over Desiigner hits Panda in Luca Lush Remix blasting the coolness around how summer should have happening – without dangerous drugs and dead bodies, of course !