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To Shoot Thrill (Suburban Squire 2014)

   As mysterious as the unsolved cases due to the hotter days and the coldest weeks right before and after Halloween furor which remains of undisclosed locations of the murder scene, unnamed victims, missing person and un-explainable events happens but these cover version group’s work on singing back up again for thus seminal legendary tracks written by the legends of Rock to Heavy Metal considerable towards more thrilling themes or sexual accusing related which sounded good to hear from On-Slaughter releasing their: Getting In Tents Vol. 2 as the maniac butcher arrived outside – ready to slaying the female camper before dawn hits the ground long after midnight greetings through Iron Maiden’s Bring Your Daughter to The Slaughter, Def Leppard’s Animal, Highway Star (Deep Purple), Master of Puppets, Fairies Wear Boots and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath along the others really send terrible message to the youth to start killing victims for the November times fallen as storage of the harvesters are almost empty. 

Getting In Tents Vol.2: