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The Warning (Krakatoa Entertainment 2011)

Featuring the effective rapping through the most Horror-themed lyrics stories taken to stage for Hip-Hop Gangsta murderer act as names like Esham, Reaktion to Sinister-X or Def filling out the gap and empty spots where the deader souls awaken in demon arise as the production made haunting good by Stir Crazy, Q-Strange, Alan Smithee onto Bad Mind to SLJ and Mind Zen within the insanely cover artistic in bloody splats of one eyed ghost girl smirking for Phantazm’s Iii: Morbid Existence music.

Here you got a sexy spoken words from a dead girl such Mary Elisabeth McGlynn, thus melodic rhyming off Bolt Action Assassins through explicit wording from Bob E. Nite as well as Roger Baker or Mr. Lokust on vocals also Nemus; under the complete commanding from executive producer Wayne Wright as written materials made by Black Bart and Torchur and artwork created by Angelo Vito Bullano. Don’t forget to stop listening over those dangerous songs such as It’s Devil Night, Kill People ?, Murders & Executions, Come Inside II even the hidden bonus track or remixes like Strangers, Murder Bong and Origin of Violence will feeding your heads with madness as hell comes approaching through your closet – darling !

Iii - Morbid Existence: