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The Rover Ocean Holy (Deadline Music 2008)

   Terrifying amazing as the deader souls celebrates the hailing points where the Classic rockers line-up members bound to uniting themselves playn together as one project that praising tremendous mastering songs of the legends in Rock N’ Roll industry since the seventies from Good Times Bad Times featuring Eric Bloom, Brian Robertson, Tony Franklin and Doane Perry of Jethro TUll; Albert Lee did D’yer Maker into Fool in The Rain performs by Rick Wakeman, Jack Russell/Bruce Kulick/Jethro Tull cranking the stereo system with Dazed & Confused, Manny Charlton’s Immigrant Song covers as well as Whole Lotta Love with Pat Travers or When The Levee Breaks (Artimus Pyle &Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie) really giving us the best of listenable stunning rock salute shows by the significant symbolic record V.A Led Box – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute comes as the double discs with plenty covers up version on as many Led Zeppelin quartet fabulous blending of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop- Rock to the rock celebrities followed up on the magical middle-earth stories over lyrics of beauty and mystical tinged based on facts and magic – includes the bonus track on The West 52nd Street Buddha Lounge Ensemble performing the classical Stairway to Heaven as well as John Corabi (The Scream) for Nobody’s Fault But Mine and more names to discovers there.
   Sleepchild List (Self-Released 2015) Charlotte, North Carolina group which consisting of Bryan Olson (vocals, guitars, bass, keys, synth), Charles Glade (vocals, guitars, keys, synth), Cody Ricks (drums), Ethan Ricks (bass), Shaun Olson (drums) and Adam Cheek (trumpet) in their Neo-Psychedelic tuning Pop-Rock as like a combination for the Pink Floyd and The Zombies making love through Syd Barret years smoking off 13th Floor Elevator starting points as Baroque making Psyche-Pop sounds stoning the air towards this Shadowgraphs magic ritualistic musical recording on Return To Zero. Feel how the day turns as your volume didn’t really gets too aloud but standard setting these music of Modern Alternative for the new millennium having it’s problems and issues figure out and solution might crossing between the gap dimension over Voice in My Head, Strawberry Lemonade, Leave to Love in The Nehru Valley and less or less trusts for the Christianity but teleporting by consciousness.