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The Routine (Retard Records 2015)

   Grototo Retard recorded this awesome music package based on Garage Rock kids in super rage made by the duet of guitarist and drummer from Rennes – France whose calling themselves as The Snot. 

Raw, smart, clever but subversive as well really caught anyone attentions faster like their mid-tempo chaotic sounds like a two-headed non-twin figures of a impurity child-god from the old pagan beliefs but for this occasion; The Snot probably sounded very cool with their full attack of distortions and raw energy of Rock spirits bring the independent actions back to the front seat. 

   Listen to Scooters, The Germs, Alex in Da Desert or Kebab if you really like the early version of The Stooges or the bad side of The Strokes meet Nirvana here on this self-titled album.