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The Question (Bandcamp 2016)

   Might not as extra rare or extinct alike thus prehistoric pre-cambrian fishes but you may listening in eerie moments over these abstract Electronic of experimental Glitch-Pop Drone and Modern Classical within the all music written by Jumbo Pimp as the England, UK crew troops sharing the re-enact visions of the traditional past and newer perceptions on the releasing for Return Of The Sea Monk coming like a ghost of the ocean floor figure; dark as black that haunts the mortal shipments and fisherman people correctly, between a myth of the cover art by Utagawa Kuniyoshi and production from Qualo infinity given the rest experiments sounds of instrumental fearful taste through the un-expectation tracks forbid to play too damn loud above sea levels that causing malfunction and disaster just like the project examples on Setting Sail on The Last Day of The Year, Before The Storm, The Sailor’s Abated, Final Theme or Kawanaya Tokuzo embed the destiny of mankind counts directing not for months or years but sometimes – only for minutes or two.

Stay safe passengers …

Return Of The Sea Monk: