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The Prophet (Independent 2017)

   Put the intensity higher and do some research on how your non-commercial toxic-sounds taken from the aggressive bewildering Punk and Industrial-Metal crushing noise of Ministry led this New York unit project naming themselves Haram or forbidden in Arabic and see if even nobody can reading the traditional writing or language there still more heads will definitely, banging and slamming or rolls down the pavement within the displays of raw harsh blasting through the translation of When You Have Won, You Have Lost really means completely for an interesting new provision towards the war against terror or anything indifference caught a battle in the middle of chaos face of the world today dragging to you by far thus one minutes and more but never longer than three minutes bursting like hell-flames to the infidel’s existence anywhere as The Defense of Yourself, Not A Terrorist, What is This Life?, Road To Liberation or Voice of The Hari’meen kicking to screaming like hezbollah military force campaign on bombarding the western border after the peace treaty signed in Nuke York, Toxic Place.