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The Peasant (Swiss Dark Nights 2017)

   Forming as the Coldwave Alternative and the passing suggestion about the adding for more sticky Darkwave and New Wave persistence innovation towards the formation made to be built by these Molise, Italy’s strong Goth-oriented band of four: Salvatore Pallotta, Eugenio Auciello, Duccio Del Matto and Gianni Caldararo producing themselves with the arrangements romance of sweet-bleeding themes by Gothic-Pop resurgence and serving seminal popular tunes music of sounds as the classic guitars meets electric choruses, vocals to bass and mixture lyrics meeting drums and lead solos for Italian Folk-Rock posed within Vestfalia’s Peace for Loneliness. 

   As beautiful and sensual Gina or Giulia backed up the vocals, to Salvatore helping the drum-sets as well as female vocals blending in as Wet Ferns Shine, Behind The Court, A Sad Image, The Muse, Before The Storm onto The Apple Boughs as Tale From The Summer Dew presenting the four figures walking the edgy hills waking their abundance by looking to the vast wider horizon marked and border by the far mount-hills reflects as it seems that Farewell and I Think I Should Leave really leaves a meaningful touch before someone finally, pulls the trigger or jumps down the bridge for the final moment.