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The Muse Senza (Cut Surface 2018)

   Garage Punk to No Wave explosive popular choruses under the mid-tempo technical Alternative Post-Punk or New Wave touches written by the revealing tracks arrangers off Dazed Pilots and being produced by the mixed engineer recording Phillipp Hanich as mastered by Dino Spiluttini playing the entire massive groove beats via Arcadia (2:33) onto the two minutes more opening track within Kill ‘Em with A Kiss, like the nightmarish roses invitation; fear faces and concerning body language to freak figures and stairway down to nowhere leads tunneling channel dimensions probably, didn’t gets any attention from the survival listeners of thus electronic realm sadistic chart ruling but here one can find the reality commence in Shiny Boots or Fall From Grace and Silent Kiss that looks sounding so real to grab for yourself – manufacturing melodies and harmonic of the mellow ears on rocking the boat performing K.T.F.T and loving the mixtures from Glam Punk, Blues and Rock Alternative as gore-voice tuned or Kitchen Table Fairy Tales reacts !