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The Glow (Five03 2006)

   One could tracing the Post-Punk or New Wave dreams as well as Ethereal Pop currently through the composing Indie Rock band out of Portland, Oregon’s group - The Prids consisting for David Fredrickson, Mistina Keith and friends collecting the habitual musical talents in the making records as written lyrics to arranging tunes did reaching the breast-limit hanging there as Shoegaze, Goth Rock and Post New Wave marking thus simplicity sounds produced for the two explorer humans off-shoring the unknown world as the second hand album brands showing the weird creature welcoming thus arrivals on the beached line as well as strange Pop-Rock songs alike this within …Until The World is Beautiful serving the audience standard tempos and glowing harmonic on thin hopes and thicker pain gains under the displaying for Like Hearts, Shadow and Shadow, Before We Are, All That You Want, Infection or Back Up Slow – releasing all thus collective sorrow polluting the air tonight and romance slowly, died for the next brokenhearted case struck. 

...Until The World Is Beautiful: