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The Gimp (Mondo Estereo 1992)

   Feel lucky punks for finding your new favorite bands who sounded like The Ramones via Commando era ? Think again but not too damn long because here you got Madrid’s explosive group calling themselves – The Pleasure Fuckers; a group of consistent Punk Rock local people who loved to cranking it louder, faster and snottier as you fucking wanted off the stereo and meet the rest of the loyal crew for life to the band itself: Kike Turmix, Mike Sobieski or Norah Findlay that sounded not only like The Ramones bros. but also The Sex Pistols as well via Supper Star. 

As the universe aren’t that wider anymore – everything will fell to Punk Rock one day and the proof of it is here as you may listening to them loudly through blitzkrieg party of belligerents among punks holy saints or such or by these songs like Solid Steel Automobile, Pink House Club, Blood Sausage and Feels Like a Woman. 

   Reach the mid parts on Malasana Mama and end it up via Destination Uranus – you have been blown away by the lost supper of punkish Christ and the rebel disciples, amigos ! 

Supper Star: