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The Game (Self-Released 2013)

   Of the likes for the mixtures of the late Megadeth version meets the frailty influences taken from Fear Factory, Mekong Delta onto King Diamond or Kreator and Savatage means that something worthy might goes on for listening through the works complete from Industrial Thrash-Death Metal Mean Messiah which used to be a one man project turning talented multi-instrumentalist producer Dan Friml for guitars/vocals to Jiri Willander on drums as well as forcibility before adding some more line-up changes within Honza Sebek (drums) and Veronika Smetanova  (bass) blasting this double pedals drumming fusion and techno melodies six strings as the riffs shall commanding the real metal-heads to head banging hard like the music did. 

   Hell presenting the mummified body hanged by the stake and collective tracks of crushing themes and music form in general via King Pathetic, Spiritual Resolution, The Death Song, Saltatio Mortis and Temple of Hell shall dragging your silly minded popular thin brains for a torturing double penetrations and total annihilation grinds piece by piece out from you and replacing it with growling Prague’s Thrash culture.