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The Fat Picture (Independent 2017)

   Like the group said about there will be no more excuses to bootsy your fucking whips grabbing boobs of every chicks available just as shorter as the dumb dickies watching your freaking extreme music shows how to talk back after the band slamming yours in a harder way within To All The Broads I’ve Nailed before record which totally, disturbing because those ten tracks written too fucking short as performed quite disgusting by Travis Trump on vocals and Rob Trump for guitars/bass/drums and the best thing to shut up the country is Anal Trump compulsion maggots on both masked idiots staring at you and proceeding donation to the planned parenthood hundred percents via the disturbance of listening to Nasty Woman, Before I Proceed I’d Like to Hear The other Side of The Argument Against Cervical Cancer or If I Don’t Respect Women Then How Come I Own a Beauty Pageant ?, The Trump Rule or else the Working Wives really means something terrible like the non-national programs from the former presidential governance over Mamoograms Are Gay means bad to the next inauguration apocalypse day. 

To All The Broads I've Nailed Before: