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The Discovery Pressure (Kalpamantra 2017)

   Like thunderous threats before the sun vanished behind black clouds and as the rain starts to torturing the mainland of mankind that Joris Maas producing on his music or arts broken and sicker as this mastered by Rafael Anton Irisami lies for Drone Ambient to Dark Electronic blasting Thrash/Death metallic extreme distortion over the non-humanity musical project entitled Maas’s Caves of No Return which primitively, calculating the inner destruction to thus parallel erupted digital louder crusher sounds as your eyes trying to figure out the key words for the displaying paints of deadly arts in a piece of paper while the gruesome music bursts like satan’s vomit via Bowels of The Earth, Majestic Spires of Death and Tunnel Vision – jeopardizing the lost souls walking to their demise inside the channeling signals of white noise and hidden messages mixed within the frequency from the deader world of souls to take no prisoners but collecting Last Breath and counting slow.

Be fucking shaken and afraid of this instrumental experiments recording album. 

Caves Of No Return: