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The Clique 4Kill (All We Got Ent. 2018)

   New wave of raining white rappers now in the US soil of America appearing that they’re good too in making (or taking) the chance from the black bros but no – that doesn’t count much as competition dawg unless it’s outside the system where "the Mexican stand-off" line been made on the streets still, the radio stations had too much love-affair with professional rapper like Kimetrius Foose or Lil Skies transforming himself out of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania with the background introduction off his dad Michael Burton, Jr as the recovery process of his injured father also given the experiences on the man to grow up and write down those, tattooing big roses on his face doing national touring and respectively, hit the lists on billboard about the single - Red Roses (feat. Landon Cube) taken out off Life Of A Dark Rose symbolizing the meaningful experience from the man himself in perspectives and wrote the white thing spectacles alike the opening Welcome To The Rodeo, Signs of Jealousy onto Cloudy Skies and Lust or Lettuce Sandwich or Big Money rapping slow in flow motions trying to let the audience feels the recipe on his recording release and respecting it.

Not bad – for the white rap as he send his signature for some dumb-asses out there via Tell My Haters all about.  

Life of a Dark Rose: