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The Casket Eaters (Xtreem Music 2018)

   Under the veins of favorable dark-realm through-out the influential of Benediction, Grave, Asphyx and Autopsy makes this first debut releasing record off guitarist Rogga Johansson led Swedish unit on Doom Metal/Death Metal grinds helped by Henke Lundgren (drums) and Dennis Blomberg (bass) within thus Thrash Metal additions for this physical album from Grisly calling all the nazi troops and symphatizers combination with hydra tech-group armored war-machine like that gigantic cannon-tank grilling and destroying every single things blocking its way during the blitzkrieg ambush operations on the invasion to central Europe - marching to blow the cities to shreds. 
   The Spectral Wars portraying that ghoulish greed and territorial conquest by the evil organization and malicious leaders by sacrificing many lives in the process means only Death n’ Roll music should reigning the past and the presents for the future of uncertainty damages in the face of obliteration world backed by the tunes of demolishing Into Insanity, Bring Out The Horrors, Teeth That Rips, Rot To The Living, Parasite Parasite and Supernatural Warfare kept the battles fire-raging and gasoline fills related truth of mind-complex.

The Spectral Wars: