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Thanatomorphosis (Swiss Dark Nights 2018)

   As savage as the Post-Punk mixing with Noise but as popular tunes combustion in composing performance music deals as the duet of Sabatel (vocals, bass, keyboards) and Federico Iovino (guitars, vocals, keyboards, electronics) adding to the trumpet by Loto Ball as recording treasure underground of Alternative No Wave meets Noise-Rock meets Synth-Pop erupts the infinite sounds over the romantic kiss made by female and male indifferences but Chew-Chew means a reality check of a duo Dear Deer performance in dub or percussion beats rhythmic and melodies telling story about the Romania queen of gymnastic in the olympiade season back to the eighties crumbling, crawling and impending through Dogflight, Jog Chat Work & Gula-Gula, Deadline, Earworm and Disco-Discord or Ozozooz spreading the Electro-Punk of Lille, France to the wider social communion of the Electronic clashes of New Wave next genre people to love this !