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Terrible IDWT (Effess 2017)

   Pop trio made in America mainstream and independent should do good feelings to tell you what to listen these days and for that reason – David Singer_Vine, Lisa Vitale and William Van Der Heyden comes again to releasing their third popular tunes in Synth-Pop Dance Electronic as Terror Jr just like how your slut model of the future - kendall jenner loves them singing on her stereo collections for Death Wish. 

   Catchy music in Bop City 2: TerrorRising might sounded a little bit gaming driven but as you would think for the elements left behind by the lost stories page off Resident Evil/Silent Hill things contributes to the songs listed here on Pop announcement to hear in public such as Talking To Myself, Dead Girl Walking, Appreciation, Death Wish, Smoke, Personal and Heartbreaks lean on thus burning sign of the residence complex to be muted off limit for any visitors ? 

Bop City 2 TerrorRising: