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Termites InFinFly (WireTap Records 2018)

   Driving away out of the metropolis tinsel-town that discouraging your darker skin-color and how they trying to separates you from your hot white ex-model girlfriend whose later on shall carries your seeding babies in her womb after those explicit sexual intercourse weeks a month ago did by both of you while the late information from a friend joining the indie movement and band creations unites to improving their plan crazily to destroying the conservative mind-controls government in town for good. 

The sabotaging of thus only nuclear reactor and gas supply station as well as the recording session for the soundtrack in My Bad – the album really make Stringer a Brooklyn, New York group pushing their rootsy Rock N’ Roll garage and Hard Rock militant sounds into a more Alternative independent mundane transcend striving members to fight the evil axis power of the fake leaders as Mark Fletcher, Max Kagan, Riley Zimmer and John Spencer born to raised and die in their beloved town letting the main darkened guy character leaving faster in a red sports car with his awesome girl right before an hour of giant explosion that soon destroying the place to shreds. 

   The audience still can listening to the last broadcast off the local radio playing Ghosts, USA, Dead Horse, Flower Bomb, Abergain to Halving and Miss Slovenia as the final listed songs ever exists on that town which going to be blown away for good by those spreads of paint unit pals and Indie Pop looney  group. 

My Bad: