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Temporary Solution Problem (Relapse Records 2005)

   Infringement sci-fi movie of the seventies era taken for the name of this band founding members: Glenn Rambo, Donovan Punch to Brian Patton as these New Orleans, Louisiana crew of written themes about dysfunctional relationship, drug-uses, abusive experience and hatred feelings wrapped by the sophomore scary grooves towards Sludge/Death Metal to Grindcore fusion is Soilent Green best effective aspect for being one of those southern legends that shall always be remembered along side with Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity assisted the illegal riff-age mighty tunes of lower-down b minor and sabbath’s occult distortions as the group releasing of their maximum records of Confrontation leads the formation completes within Tommy Buckley (drums) Tony White on six-strings and bassist Scott Crochet leaving the growls for no prisoners taken task as the branding artworks use borrowing off the Czech painter Alphonse Mucha onto the redneck’s culture dilemma propulsion of angst screaming rages written down within the non-wiser and destructive mission added to the songs listing there over thus fifteen tracks alike Forgive and Regret, A Scream Trapped Underwater, 12 Oz. Prophet, Southern Spirit Suite, Theory of Pride in Tragedy, They Lie to hide The Truth and This Glass House of Broken Words feeds the fear on board and table for Another Cheap Brand of Luck shooting down the beauty of Scarlet Sunrise describing the most intense stories covered for the nonetheless basic demands and needs for Liquor & Cigarettes !