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Tears Don’t Lie (Tonite Records 2013)

Futuristic proof by the time travelling might be showing through the interests via this kinds of music performed by your non-famous but really catchy Retro-Wave or Dream Synthwave as Electronic Nudisco and New Wave fusion blended all within these eight tracks arrangements inside the Déjà vu releasing album from FM Attack. Tallest towering building and skyscrapers-like pyramid shining high mighty as the flying craft going to landed on thus metropolis Vancouver, British Columbia and the additional vocals/musician like Kristine to Julian Sanza better to make a learning points toward the simply beats for the ears of the happy audience as all songs recorded written by Shawn Ward. 

Go have your own good time listening for Magic (feat. Kristine) or Fade Away (with Julian Sanza), Corazon as well as Lost Angeles further imagining the best atmosphere and high-tech surroundings believed to measuring how humanity can maintains their existence if they’re wiser enough not to re-programming the environment destruction. 

Deja Vu: