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Stupid Cunt Desensitized (Independent 2017)

   Hoodie young female screaming out their lungs after posing for the fake peace signs using fingers as the night getting pretty late to seek that no mystery within the presence of these teenagers but girls just wanna have more fun by cranking guitars and shredding their Riotgrrrl acts over the written songs and punkish simplicity arranging which causing your head go dizzy and then, explodes quick for the loud-mouth and volume listening time onto these chick-rocks boisterous through Chuckles and Nightmares From A Timid Person and further satanic-cult possession background drag from within the inner special horrid and wicked hate dwelling on the girls as burst out while inked the not so commercial and ugly bad music terms in Don’t Address Me with Your Eyes, Martyr, Can’t Be a Lady, You Can Call Me or Heroin Makes My Belly Ache – turns out to be kinds of explosion off The Russian Sleep Experiment hailed from Boise, Idaho or somewhere in the middle of smelly street after the rain. 

Thus Femi-Punk or FemMetal songs really gone in short minutes almost seconds as disaster strikes like flash flood in sunny july afternoon !