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Stormgod (Independent 2010)

   Neo-Classical Black Metal with Avant-Garde or Technical Death Metal formation led by the quartet metallic: Ilya for the lead vocals/guitars/lyrics, Amarok (violoncello), Naargryl on bass/contrabass/choirs and Alexander Cohen (drums) forwarding their essential recording sessions over Obeisance for the loves to Deathspell Omega’s portal and these New Yorker group – Imperial Triumphant as the torturing that can makes your mind felt terrible imagining the results as the nipples being pinched by the iron giant torture-pinch before even one can definitely, decided to talk aloud tells everything – that the investigators wanted to hear; still … the brutal distortions, conquest of darkness glorifies onto Summons To War, Torches of Nero, To Novgorod, Christian Holocaust and Raiders shall meet the eyes of the beholder expelling to impale the truth from lies as bashing drums and Black Metal extremity reigns the solo harmonic of satan's laughs and archives from the depth of hell shall raising broken and tearing down walls of churches – for the metallic gods stomping the earth, sending malediction and curses to the believers to suffocates and die.