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Stella Elle Chelle (Sony Classical 1999)

Categorized as world simultaneously, Crossover musical for Classical, Jazz-Pop onto orchestra dynamic colorful in variety instruments of the electrical includes as wide primary for billboard number-views for soloist from Zurich, Switzerland under the name of Andreas Vollenweider giving the planet his New Age mastering thoughts along the loving fans worldwide breathless enjoyments reprises thru Cosmopoly.

Ambient/Tribal/Modern New Age sounds goes out in pulse smothering as dreamy imaginaries into Folk-World Electronic works completely compact within the long listed track songs of instrumentals minus too much human voices there lies within Hush My Heart Be Still…, Morning Poem, Vals Del Sur, Ancient Pulse, Bright Moon Still Shining…, At The Forest Fountain, Long Road to You, Will-O’-The-Wisp ((Ignus Fatuus) as well as Cor Do Amor and Under One Moon kept towards some traditional chants mixture on this classical music experiment experiences. 

One shall loving it, in time.