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Status Update (Self-Released 2015)


   Is this should be called a parody of Death Metal or Math-Core or even Grindcore or is it real ? But it is. Serving raw and simply extreme to bash some asshole head right in forehead means exploding like dynamites fused on your bathroom exactly like it is.

   The duet of Miles (throat, synths) and Guy (guitars, throat) leaning Interface a great personality record themes within When Genocide is Permissible in such a bloody mess picture like the front cover did. Belfast, UK rebels underground seems to be reliable to touch your inner beast with this album shortly but fucking dangerous and piss-off tunes attacks the stereo for Mezzanine Couch, Hopes, Cattle Culture, Tremors, Derailed, Easy Target to Paymaster and Useless idiot as well as Twirl and All Gold Everything (Trinidad James) coming towards the in between fast, slaying and destructive tempos not over the limit of three minutes. Disjoint or being destroyed or fight back and smash some fucking faces for this antagonist cracks ! 

When Genocide is Permissible: