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Slow & Easy (Versaille Records 2013)

   Hard Rock fans to the fanatics whom loved how David Coverdale releasing his own personal solo project band turning one of the legends out there as the catalog of tunes rocking again being honored as this package of Various Artists on Still Of The Night: A Millennium Tribute To Whitesnake did remarkably, a stunning moments for the ears of rock-heads to glamorously turn on the volume louder and listening for more hits and greater cover-version songs out of this compilation album. 

   As many names and singers join forces to manage giving the audience a popular time seeking on the major keys melodic and solos and thus high-pitch energy vocals comes to rocking you via Loaded Gun in Ain’t No love in The Heart of The City, Quatermoc on Don’t Break My Heart Again, Jason McMaster did the Crying in The Rain or more non-familiar names like Dark Arena, Noise Disorder, Skyscreamers to The Rekkening go totally, presents the rocking times moment for the listeners to hardly would not avoiding this excellent independence tribute recording that brings us Children of The Night, The Deeper The Love, Love Ain’t No Stranger, Ready To Rock and Young Blood – to you only in their best vibes accumulation sharing both temptations that rocks romantique and musical techniques for the heart-breakers, lovers and those sexy strippers private editions aloud !