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Sleepchild List (Self-Released 2015)

   Charlotte, North Carolina group which consisting of Bryan Olson (vocals, guitars, bass, keys, synth), Charles Glade (vocals, guitars, keys, synth), Cody Ricks (drums), Ethan Ricks (bass), Shaun Olson (drums) and Adam Cheek (trumpet) in their Neo-Psychedelic tuning Pop-Rock as like a combination for the Pink Floyd and The Zombies making love through Syd Barret years smoking off 13th Floor Elevator starting points as Baroque making Psyche-Pop sounds stoning the air towards this Shadowgraphs magic ritualistic musical recording on Return To Zero. Feel how the day turns as your volume didn’t really gets too aloud but standard setting these music of Modern Alternative for the new millennium having it’s problems and issues figure out and solution might crossing between the gap dimension over Voice in My Head, Strawberry Lemonade, Leave to love in The Nehru Valley and less or less trusts for the Christianity but teleportating by consciousness.

Return To Zero: