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Signal Flare (Independent 2017)

   Grunge punkish popular would becoming the catchiest tunes coming out off how The Ultraviolet band members: Kane Storr, Emilio Parla, Sam Beck and Ben Thorn from Boston really make their own musical written lyrics and songs about Alternative Rock mixed with Pop-Rock as those anthemic perfect energy on Modern Pop-Rock tunes creates into something interesting to share here and wholly unique but regular terms or themes might not stopping you from liking the band as the labeled parental while actually, it’s only emotions provides a massive recording mastered as march those Pop-Punk powers within the ghost of big buck and five tracks turns to gold in quality that listeners could see to reach via I Wrote You A Letter, Wake Up Dead, You’re Better On Your Own as much confidence and blessings to them – the youngster souls spreading the messages about All I Need is to be Needed from inside The Tales of Our Youth EP to the losers, the hiding faces and the weirdos whom belongs to the world too.

The Tales Of Our Youth EP: