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Shake Your Rump (All Music 2004)

   Much respect goes to the presence of decades for on how you met Mike D, Adam Horowitz and AdamYauch with Mario Cladato. Jr and the mastermind behind their hard worked success – Rick Rubin plus some other figure names mainly in the making to honoring the biggest non-loser white boys crew for their Rap/Rock and Hip-Hop contributions as Various Artists Tribute To The Beastie Boys stands in for consequence not overcompensate ad career opportunities for suburban preps group of dudes transformation from garage rock-heads to the infamous King Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D here by the co-working from Brad Baker, Todd Clouser and Joe Price making it happens ! Cool choices song-tracks like No Sleep Til Brooklyn, Intergalactic, Pass The Mic or Rhymin and Stealin as even seminal-underground Hardcore-Punk Tough Guy, fully mission street-wise b-side themed in Sabotage onto Fight For Your Right may reminding the listeners again back on how the Beasties trio used to caught your attention onto live, rowdy and exuberant brash or irrevent that combines Rap along with Pop-Rock to the mainstream surface.