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Sergio Leone Hotrod (Basement Apes Industries 2015)

   Not just completely, lying down leaves their total Hardcore destructive sounds on the surface but one might love how these Bethune (France) Frenchmen keeping their aggressiveness rounding to the grooves melting crusher riffs towards thus Southern-Metal aficionados for either Alex Renaux, Arnaud Palmowski, Fabien Zwerneman and Martin Catoire or Vincent Perdicaro bringing the latest recording of doomster plus Sludge sounds via the Post-Punk to Hardcore blending that General Lee’s seems to be energizing themselves to be as furious as the old real figure from the civil war America and the continuity of it conspiring movements and events both secrets or public portraying the various images about dark bruce lee the kungfu expert, zombie undead soldiers, crazy legs and smoking guns, black girl semi-nude and naked female abducted by aliens inside Knives Out, Everybody surgery the rest of thus blasting metallic music and screaming vocals; forceful through The Conqueror Worm, The Nameless Six, Black Samurai, Hellbound on V.H.S as well as Letter of Aaron Kosminski From Hell or Night Chaser dealing with Satanico Pandemonium as burning world may closely, didn’t get lots of crying shame as it happens where Fuel Injected Suicide Machine releasing later – The Beast Inside and your faith slowly gone faded !

Knives Out, Everybody: