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Self-Denier Mr (Big Boss 2017)

   Hlavni Mesto Praha of Czech Republic must be hiding a kinds of monsters land dwell by thus gigantic tick creature kinds or skin-bears also introducing the ultimate solid Thrash meets Rock N’ Roll crew: Petr Skarohlid (guitars, vocals), Radek Skarohlid (vocals), Zdenek Stava (drums), Frantisek Koucky (keyboards) and Matous Duraj (bass guitars) drolling the hunger crucial driven of primitive cells living anonymously as Hentai Corporation closely, to worshiping the brutal hardcore animation of porn-cartoon off the Japanese modern arts jumping to the inner madness worm-hole and blasting the entire world of yours as microbiologic smalls being turned in experimental failure as weapon purposes to destroying the occupant territory comes slowly owned by them horde as Intercellular Pets rampaging the rest of the room at the start to later, becoming a terrible threat for humanity just like the themed blasts goes onward out featuring the rest of the Heavy Metal progressive songs alike Tardigrade Hunt, Synthetic Limits, Dancing with The Devil, The Fall of Johann M as well as Paralyzed to Heaven? as questions raise and terror continues within the tales telling by rocking metal-heads shining the artificial sun limiting the era of humanity replaced by the strange creature not looking for prisoners but food-supply extra for their animal-driven appetite. 

Intracellular Pets: