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Savareen Stand-Off (Lucasfilm Ltd. 2018)

   Such a infamous seminal kinds of Western outlaws meet the times of adventures by the ordinary person turning criminals before turning to hero as this character taken from the young Han Solo lives sparkling intense tales to tell there which being composed directly by both John Powell and John Williams arranging their masterpiece talents through the compositions of Solo: A Star Wars Story starring Alden Ehrenreich with Woody Harrelson, Emila Clarke and Donald Glover as thedisoredr state and valuable crime syndicates competing over the ownership and business on Coaxium fuel that has a very highest price as the principle o obeying the Imperial conquest of power and invasions already made the half closest galaxies jeopardized and suffering at their most darkest hours. 
Young Han and lover Qi’ra stealing things but also trying to escapes from the local gangs as they’re separated with the girl being caught and the border survivor Han assigning himself to be a infantry trooper for the imperial. Joining the navy, expelled from the flight academy and ended up in a muddy planet imban as infantryman trapped inside the terrible dirty battle as the meeting with disguising criminal as high officer Beckett and his lover sending Han Solo onto the cage to become a meal for a hungry beast inside as the others watch. 
   Lucky for Han he can speak Wookie language a little as he escaping himself from being a lame duck target against the mighty haired wookie named Chewbacca whom turning kind from furious as they speak and understanding each other. 
As they’re escaping to volunteering themselves and follow Beckett whose working for a Crimson Dawn syndicate led by the crime boss Dryden Vos and his trusted  lieutenant – Qi’Ra shocks Han Solo the first time they met again inside Vos’ ship. 
   The team failure for the coaxium heist got a second changes as Han Solo and friends meet the accomplished smuggler knownas a young gambler by the name of Lando Carlissian the flamboyant pilot of Millennium Falcon as the Sabacc game make Solo learnt about Lando’s cheating moves. Together they’re crossing the most dangerous sections using the hyper-jump closer to a black hole and a giant tentacles monster from Kessel as openly mining turns to be a rebellion chaos goes to Savareen to processing the fuel as they met again with the gangs of famous outlaws Enfys Nest turns out to be the good alliance of rebels blossoming as they’re grow to fight the tyrannical Imperial influences across the galaxy as the stand-off inside Dryden Vos chamber involving Solo, Qi’ra and Beckett killed the criminal boss soon to have the girl completed her dreams to be a new leader contacting Darth Maul as her superior high-leader as Han Solo shoot Beckett and leave with Chewie giving the coaxium to the rebel troops but refuse to joining them. 
   The journey continues for Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story which beating Lando in another Sabacc game and possessing Millennium Falcon for himself since; went to Tatooine; trying to established his own gangster crew for the heist. Tremendous soundtracks themes following the adventures with Chicken in The Pot, Lando’s Closet, Mine Mission, Reminiscence Therapy to Good Thing You Were Listening may leave you entertained like Dice & Roll.