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Rosebud (Toxic Death 2018)

   On bass guitar Maze Yu, Gu Haiyang the drum-beaters, Yin Xi Ang and Tony for their contribution for the six strings shreds and Xu Ce on lead vocals came from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province is your newer Heavy Metal classical sound mutation greatness like the wall of visible man-made structure seeing from the outer space or on this occasion case – making you head-banging because the group’s project recording mini-album sounded awesome like fixing the liberation of Iron Maiden changes personnel and old Glam Metal fusion went wrong and Thrash taking over the bar since.

   Crushing and high-pitched voices really not fake but natural terms giving us the energy to rock the socks out which delivering in between thus melodic extra acts and rhythmic phrases which collectible on Nothing’s More Delicious Than Revenge as well as I Wish I Could See Tomorrow would suggesting the older brother weekend blasting metal cranks and neighbor complaining for Dog Slayer turn on his chainsaw and getting ready for some bloodbath with thus creatures; under the one eyed lunar. 

Sacred Eye: