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Rodent (Bandcamp 2017)

   As Melbourne, Aussie’ Mikey Duffield (vocals), Matt Stevens and Jaya Wirawan (guitars) as well as Connor Macaulay (bass guitar) and Nic Haberle (drums) taking the constant illusion of grand designs through heir minds onto the board marker then – the recording sessions as this Metal-Core group naming themselves The Gloom In The Corner blasters their traumatic visions and perspective over helplessly retaliation, confines constantly the realest story as your surviving of the grittiest the most over the blending aspects off Nu-Metalcore or Post-Hardcore or just Heavy Metal extreme.

   Incarceration state of delusion led the materials compact complete via the album – Homecoming; some kind of mini recording to show the world how is the not alright on everything works as well as the screaming anthem of togetherness when the band growling the crusher of Brother, War onto Thirteen Six (Paramour) and Witch Hunt. 

As heavy Metal-Core leads campaign on the aborigin people’s soil continues with violent and bullets and things to kill or be killed.