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Resale Orca (Not On Label 2017)

   Distortion-edges and post-primitive jagged rumblings of Noise Rock formation in seminal modern Garage Rock fortunes off Jason bank, Jeff Samuels, Michael Groome and Russell Emerson Hall tourniquet tidal fusion on Math-Rock/American course cursing cruise wearing the alarming gas-masked screamo tunes and semi-grooves like The Melvins sympathizers crew musicians hailed from Madison, Wisconsin doing their Post-Hardcore fully attacks in mid-standard confusing disruptions added your collective demolishing devastates on non-calmness music displays as Leech Digger, Free Stocks Unlimited, Divinity in The Workplace, Big Bone Blinker as well as Venice Kanikama means nothing nor something unbelievable to taste when one isn’t truly jumps in to the prosthetic world of ocean of strange-colors water and inhaling poisons off Rad Facto the misery album that has its re-productions from this noise pollution project band named Twelves. 

Rad Facto: