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Repo Man (Zombie Shark Records 2017)

   Blistering Korn-tricky not wannabe pressuring your ear-drums as the forgotten unforgiving acts off those Progressive Groove Metal fusion from these Salt Lake City, Utah crew comes within aggression and struggles themed means something for Riksha connotates miraculously as Plamer on vocals, Christian “Tron” McCutchan on drums, Ian Law on guitars and Kevin Bronson on bass guitar quartet smashing the stage edge while uncontrollable forcing the infamous underground infiltration phases within Departure Eminent or Skeleton Rain Dance, Banging Danger and Shovel It to Save Me taken from the third full recording releases on Five Stages Of Numb. 

Great fucking punchy grips and riffs and never surrendering double pedals as if the Modern Nu-Metal were meant to be collaborates with emotional Metal-Core in an album – like a slower metallic tuned of old-Faith No More. 

Five Stages Of Numb: