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Raw Buckwheat (Porcelain Beats 2017)

   Grooves through the sense on Rn’B and softened Rap-Pop fusion coloring your boring autumn weeks as the choice comes within the instant where one ears found the pleasure movement sound of music within the lesser known project in fury popular tunes which being some favorites over Lima, Montreal to Christchurch that putting thus parental advisory label on the front cover means it’s only thus dirty adult versions of words displays, lyrics and themed performance which encounters onto your lame sexual lives for years on marriage and nothing seems to be exactly, curing the bad habits or un-pleasure-able moments ruined as your wife loves to have more time to sex with you rather than making amateur interracial videos with someone else related to the listening and the learning points within Cyberlife, Stormin’ My Ghost Isagee, Cavalli, Airplane Mode, Kiss My Rimba and Wavy among others solidify there inside the exclusive recording via Instalbum. 

Don’t chase the Cyberlove and Weird stuff but your own wife or on the other cases; someone else’s wives.