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Ravenscar Flight (Varese Sarabande 2005)

   Hellblazer comics occult detective movie story plotting the taking over of the world by dark-evil entities from hell itself as the elements of surprising and the tales of half-demons/half-angels creatures with the strong character leading role off John Constantine whom actually a descendent of heavenly beings too caught himself in the middle of a mysterious suicidal case of Isabel Dodson a devout catholic sending her astral visions and soulful minds to her twin sister Detective Angela and with the help of Constantine whom used to practice the rituals of exorcism and other supernatural cases to facing Balthazar the half-demon figure as being helped by Papa Midnight the witch doctor and the young cab-driver Chas as from a remote Mexican border a farmer being possessed by demons after finding the spear of destiny from the Christ biblical times buried and wrapped by the nazi flag and then, walks in to US to surrendering the relic to Lucifer himself. 
The battle between good and evil as well as the interrupting of archangel Gabriel and cross-over demonic creatures or thus possessed humans turning ravages giving Constantine nothing but a chance to fight and destroy them all as Lucifer’s son - Mammon might came to Earth through Angela by given birth. 
   When someone gives his own life to safe others; the moral of that actually, preserving the immortal to thrown back to where their came from and the dark world then slowly being enlightened. Brian Tyler and Klaus Badelt referring thus battles and actions between the agents of heaven and hell via the original motion picture score music like Destiny, Confession, Deo Et Patri, Counterweight,  I Left Her Alone or Resurrection and Circle Of Hell did the emotionally plus the scariest moments captured there on the very dark scenery film an Ether Surfing and The Balance towards our perceptions about the used to be tales related to god, angels and the devils and the vigilante heroic when someone needs the most to saving them as the vicious creatures crawling out from the pit-hole easily to feast on mankind. One will love to watch this again and having the musical compositions too several years from now.