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Rambling Rash (Not On Label 2018)

   Composed on vocalist Juliette Enice, guitarist Alex Crist, Brandon Rubio on bass guitar and Bryson Foster for drumming begin the fire-balster apocalyptic small chaos continued within the existence of Piss Exorcist as metallic Hardcore-Punk really bursts like a raging animated creature drooling yellow vomit and drinking the urine make sense about how completely, ruined this world really conceptual and literally, already crumbles. 

   Distorting music and riff-age of the blundering bludgeon blush watching the possessed pope-like alien being commands the entire planet to following the false figure of god and demons as the self-titled releasing extended album on Piss Exorcist factoring the inner paranoid and fear which brought to the surface by these Moline, Illinois performers of digital rioter written tunes ready to battle the compromising conservative mind fucks supporting the religious bigotry and malfunction hypocrites that helped by Justine Jutte on this one. 

   Number one to number six tracks example: Flea Bomb, Mouth Rot or Bad Knee must have been correctly, talks to you about the previous "infame" thoughts dwelling inside your hearts over the globe.

Piss Exorcist: