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Radio Ga Ga (Hollywood Records 2018)

   The semi-biography story of the life of a Zanzibar born Farrokh Bulsara whose changing his living in instant with courage and self-esteem showing his capability for becoming a new rock singer in a local pub-rock band Smile; meeting with his bandmates for life as well Brian May and Roger Taylor with additional of a newcomer bass player John Deacon later aspiring themselves to flashing lighted their musical career as Farrokh turning reborn as Freddie Mercury and the band’s name changed to Queen with supporting girlfriend/wife Mary Austin must exposing the sudden fame extracts and furor as the band got their first booked tour, then the record deals as songs written and music arranged uniquely well, not usual as operatic-based and flicks between acceptance, co-working, backstabber to miraculous touches of heaven in making Queen’s tracks hits their golden age peaks not long after Freddie commits to the band and Mary but later admitting his bisexual orientation, misused over drugs and hedonist party-hard to the alienation as reconnecting to his Zoroastrian family roots by the early seventies era where flower generation and free spirits walks the earth and embracing nature energy as Bohemian Rhapsody would becoming not just a movie and ordinary rock radio hits of all time but classically, tells us about the struggles of men surroundings by too much temptations as lust and greed corrupting good causes and clear conscious but Queen manage to reconciles and playing their last amazing gigs for LiveAid concert and this directed film by Bryan Singer starring Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee and Ben Hardy should goes to box office or not but true to experience by the viewers taken back to witnessing the greatest works, moments and good times over bad times as the real recording from Queen history catalogs via the original motion picture soundtrack like Keep Yourself Alive – Live At The Rainbow, Somebody To Love – Remastered 2011, Fat Bottomed Girls – Live in Paris or the rhythmic stomps for We Will Rock You, The Hammersmith Odeaon live show and the maginificent Live At Rock in Rio or the silly lip-sync at BBC and EMI rejection completes the journey of Freddie Mercury stardome as human being - loved by real friends, real friendships and real loving family until his ends arrives to take everything he got for immunity by that "no-curing disease" news that shocks the early nineties era. 

... Who Wants To Live Forever ?