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Raccoon Seizure (Self-Released 2018)

   Loud cranky distortion and organ tuning bash by the catchy Noise-Rock onto Psychedelic Punk performed by the quartet: guitarist/vocalist Dylan Crouch, lead guitarist Jesse Mansfield, bass palyer Dale Nixon and drummer Olivia Hernandez becoming the band’s engineered, mixed and mastering by the six-strings player duty alone but everyone did contributes more onto the arranging and song-writing sense and the hailing energy of Alternative Rock off Memphis, TN caught the audience choice extended album minimalist via Omniprong’s harmonies. Southern basic and melodic tunes collaborates within the church-tinged and hell-related displays as jesus weeps artworks fits the purposes on not sounding too religious at all for Deep Paul to reacts.

Grungy bash and anti established singing rocks your boat from slow to harder as three minutes more off Nebulosity or The Octopus was a Reality or even Holy (Ground) dragging steps of the listeners onto the dark and trippy crypt without eye-contact and lost.