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Psycho Boy Monkeys (Restless Records 1999)

   Discontent white-collar worker whose turning his normal lives which totally sucked and boring to a narrating different entirely, embroiled relation with destitute Marla Singer; forming a Fight Club – like the street boxing of illegal and non-safety communion for desperate people to join in for free from a novel of Chuck Palahniuk. 

Adapting the story from an auto-mobile specialist unfulfilled possession and jobs as catharsis posing for testicular cancer suffering and other more group of sharing society join-in for deliberates him from boredom; where finally the main character narrating himself to meet a soap salesman Tyler Durden whom teaching him later about non-consumerism acts of freedom by showing him a burning down apartment, fistfight after the bar drinking and more about the large headquarter old abandoned house on the outskirt of industrial area became their routine basement bar for grown men group doing their Fight Club for recreation. 

   Starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, this film fills with too much violence, blood splattered and harsh language which also showing the addictive drug uses, sexual content and blackmailing boss to quits job themed as free-thinking thoughts realized the exact supply over thus Electronic/Trip-Hop to Ambient sounds music soundtrack from The Dust Brothers asking from the top about Who is Tyler Durden ?, Single Serving Jack, Medula Oblongata, Chemical Burn, Hassel Raymond K, Homework and Jack’s Smirking Revenge or Finding The Bomb really tells you about how mean life would becomes as the truth reveals the mayhem project members killed by police or the cities communion cheering the narrator’s every-time he’s showing up following the paper trails that being left suddenly, by Tyler Durden or himself facing dissociated personalities in one same body whose also fucking Marla several times or did contradictory behavior. 

The main subject later confronting Tyler in a fistfight on an empty building that fills with detonators, holding guns and ready to explodes their surroundings as the conclusion feels like crazy mad explanation for some audience.